For pilots and aviation enthusiasts

Posterjet, is online store highly detailed civil airplane profile prints. Author's work. Worldwide free shipping.

Every pilot is proud of his experience and wants to tell his story to friends, colleagues and relatives.

My name is Aleksey Rubtsov, I am a designer, the founder and artist of the Posterjet-Avia project. I help pilots from all over the world not only to tell their story, but also to show it by prints of the highly detailed profiles of civil airliners.

Galleries of newest posters and the most popular one

Welcome to online store of aviation posters. Since 2014, I have drawn a lot of profiles of civil aircraft from all over the world for you and I continue to draw everyday. Here you'll find more then 300 posters or you can order your poster just by writing me. Framed personalized posters will be unforgettable gifts for pilots and veterans of aviation, a gifts for everyone who is in love with the sky.



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