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Hello my name is Alexey I'm from Russia, the founder and artist of the project "Posterjet Avia", managing the site Aviaposter.com. Thank you for taking a few minutes to visit the pages of this site and look at my work.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that have allowed me to grow and establish myself within this very specific field of art. I hope you’ll enjoy viewing my posters as much as I enjoyed working on them. Go ahead and explore, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.


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Print technology Fuji

All posters are printed by laser printing on special high-quality matte paper Fujifilm. This paper incorporates latest silver halide emulsion technology, coupler technology and layer design technology to deliver enhanced color reproduction, white purity, image stability and handling of the photo.

Unboxing poster

Video recording of unboxing the poster from our buyer.


Storage of Prints


Temperature and humidity control is the most important key to minimizing the change that occurs in prints. Prints stored away from direct sunlight  under the following conditions may be expected to show almost no change over time.

Storage period with almost no change


Relative Humidity

10–20 years

25°C (77°F)


Even during normal storage, it is recommended that prints be stored at a place as free as possible from hot and humid conditions, and away from direct illumination. 


Undesirable storage conditions:
1. Storage in a room near a wall exposed to cold outside air (which may cause condensation).
2. Storage in a place near the ceiling where there can be a high temperature.

Sizes and type background
In the store you can choose from two print sizes and two background types for each poster:



610 × 305 mm

24 × 12 in


914 × 305 mm

36 × 12 in


Design (photo collage)

Plain (white)

Japanese printing technology (Fuji) allows posters not to lose color and clarity over the years and will make posters a great solution for your success wall or aviation enthusiast poster collection.

One more time about Backgrounds

Frames not Included

Plain background poster

Frames not Included

Design background poster

Everyone has their own preferences, their own ideas about the beautiful illustrations of their favorite aircraft. In addition, the image of the same plane can solve different problems. For the pilot, it is an aircraft from his flight biography, for aviation enthusiasts, it is an interior decoration or another copy in the collection. It is impossible to please everyone, but I tried to do it. I gave you the opportunity to choose an image of the plane on a simple background or on the background of a design consisting of a photo collage.


Plain background. It is a white background with a light shaded to preserve contrast with the parts of the aircraft.


Design background. Each poster has a unique background. I make collages of various images related to the theme of each plane, airline, country, continent. In addition, the background image is created in such a way that all parts of the aircraft have sufficient contrast and are not lost.

Time to time, I update the image of the plane, and change the background on the posters. This depends on the poster's sales statistics and your feedback. And also because the original plane changes over time, new parts and stickers appear on it, and I have to make these changes to the poster.

Another option background – Personal background. You can also order your own custom poster design. Together we will select a background image and place your text on the poster. This will be your poster only. Posters with a personal background are not published in the store. Of course, this will change the price. Whrite me.

List of Aircraft Templates

Drawing a poster begins with drawing the airline's livery on Board the plane. But to do this, I must have a template. There are several resources on the Internet for sell templates, but I create my own ones (not for sale). This process takes one to two months: dozens of photos are collected, examined, compared. I create a collage for the side view of the plane, similar to the creation of Frankenstein. Then follows the routine work of drawing every detail. So for more than five years, step by step, I have managed to create a still incomplete, but very good collection of airplane templates that I can quickly use for new posters.

Work in progress now: SAAB 340 template


A300-600, A300B2/4

A319, A320, A320neo, A231, A321neo

A330-200, A330-300, A330F, A330neo

A340-200, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600

A350-900, A350-1000, A380


An-124 Ruslan


ATR-42-500/600, ATR-72-500/600



B727-100, B727-200

B737-200, B737-300, B737-400, B737-500

B737-700, B737-800, B737-900


B747-100, B747-200, B747-300

B747-400, B747-400F, B747-8i, B747-8f

B757-200, B757-300, B757F

B767-200, B767-300, B767F, B767-400

B777-200, B777F, B777-300

B787-8, B787-9, B787-10


Dash 8 Q400, Q300, Q200

CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ900, CRJ1000

British Aerospace / AVRO:

BAe 146-300 / RJ100, BAe 146-200 / RJ85,

BAe 146-100 / RJ70




Do 328Jet


F27, F50

F70, F100


ERJ-140, ERJ-145

ERJ-170, ERJ-175, ERJ-190, ERJ-195


Il-14, Il18, Il-62, Il-76, Il-96-300, Il-96-400


L-1011-1, L-1011-250, L-1011-500

McDonnell Douglas:

DC-9-10, DC-9-20, DC-9-30, DC-9-40, DC-9-50

MD-80, MD-87, MD-90

MD-11, MD/DC-10-10, MD/DC-10-30




Wilga 35


SAAB 2000


Tu-134, Tu-134A, Tu-134B

Tu-154B-2, Tu-154M

Highly Detailed

To create a drawing of the aircraft profile, we use templates of our own production. This is not a 3D model and not a photo, or the entire aircraft, or any  parts of the aircraft. All work is done in just two programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We use all possible available information from the Internet and our sources.

Updating posters

In the world there is nothing permanent and we also do not stand still. Regulars of the Aviaposter site have long noticed old posters are sometimes updated. It's just we try as much as I can to track changes in airline fleets, changes in livery and aircraft equipment, and make appropriate changes in the posters. In addition, we also develop in our creativity. We update the poster design standards and come up with new drawing techniques. And so we are constantly updating our posters to offer you a better product.

before updating

Stay tuned for our updates. We work very hard even when you are asleep, so new posters often appear on the site and old ones are updated.

after updating


All logos and trademarks on the poster and around the image of an aircraft belong to their respective owners whose rights I hold in high regard.


In turn, I would like to ask the visitors to respect my copyright as an artist and to abstain from using my work without my permission, because the creation of each picture took a lot of my own time, money, work, and experience.

good idea
to decorate the wall

photo our customers


Aviabear Mansur

I can't refute one of the stereotypes about Russia. We have a familiar bear. Yes! A real live brown bear.

Bear Mansur-known to every Aviator from Russia and many aviation enthusiasts abroad. Therefore Mansur is often called Avia bear. Now you know about Mansur, too.

A few years ago, the little bear was found by pilots on the runway of a small airfield. Though, you can read more about Mansur and his friends, see photos and videos, and also watch the online broadcast on his personal YouTube.

Our project Poterjetavia supports Mansour and helps the team of enthusiasts by its design work.

But most importantly, the team of pilots is famous for its passion for restoring the legendary Il-14 aircraft. The guys restored and returned two planes to the sky with their own hands. Meet them on YouTube.

The Ilyushin Il-14 (NATO reporting name: Crate) was a Soviet twin-engine commercial and military personnel and cargo transport aircraft that first flew in 1950, and entered service in 1954. Il-14 was also manufactured in East Germany by VVB Flugzeugbau, in Czechoslovakia as the Avia 14. (wikipedia.org)


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All logos and trademarks on and around the image of an aircraft belong to their respective owners.


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